About Us

Many games have a form of currency within the game where players can earn, purchase, and spend within the game.
When this currency is replaced by our Crypto Coin, new economies will arise.

Blockchain Technology

The perfect mix for the tokenization of game assets. By using blockchain technology, gaming assets can be not only bought, sold, or traded outside of the game but can be actually owned by the player.

Digital Assets

We provide innovative blockchain and crypto solutions available to small, medium & large-scale games companies, 3rd parties, and even to solo games, to create game platforms and trading platforms for game points for cryptos.

Our Vision

SNation aims to provide a profitable experience in the E-sports industry by providing a decentralized and trustful environment powered by blockchain technology and a customized cryptocurrency.

SNation Coin


SNation Coin stands for Suponic Game Credit, backed by blockchain technology, which is our very first game platform crypto and a successful application of our blockchain solutions in the game industry.

Among the countries that support cryptocurrencies, SNation Coin can be used to participate in competitions, esports tournaments, boot camps, and all derivatives, in-app items and skins which enhance gamers experience, and products associated with esports and games.
Gamers who own SNation Coin or obtained from the games can take their SNation Coin to trade in exchange.

Professional and experienced gamers can earn SNation Coin.

The value created by the SNation Coin is an unprecedented breakthrough in the global game and cryptocurrency industries.

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SNation Coin stands for Suponic Game Credit, which is the game credit used in the Suponic Game Platform, backed by the blockchain. Gamers can use SNation Coin to buy items and play against others for prizes through multiplayer challenging E-Sport Mode.

Suponic Game Platform is the game engine to supply SNation with popular and toxic games for SNation gamers to play.

Our game platform can be accessed by a web browser. One of the featured games, InkWars can be found on Google Play, but if you want to play the E-Sports Mode, you can download the InkWars APK from suponicgames.com and install the APK file to your smartphone.

Yes, currently we have 64 games listed and plans to publish 300 games soon. Suponic Games Platform has been accepting and carefully selecting offers from different game developers in various genres all over the world. Suponic Games Platform is responsible to choose those fit in our category and share the same value. Suponic Games Platform plans to launch 3D games next year.


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